An EU-based conglomerate ‘Beauparc’ in partnership with ‘Tarmac’ are attempting to push through a planning application during lockdown to bring waste imported from the EU and all over the UK to a compromised site on the edge of the historic rural village of Shawell, near Lutterworth. The proposal contravenes Leicester shire County Council Mineral & Waste local plan and makes no environmental sense! The proposed plan will see 150,000 tons of mixed rubbish delivered by diesel polluting HGVs to the site for segregation, processing (involving heating plastics – a new procedure in the UK) and then transported by more HGVs back out across the UK to other facilities. Local residents protest that this is a commercial venture that makes no environmental sense. The carbon footprint and environmental impact of this waste processing is huge and locals say should not be granted permission.

In trying to satisfy one objective of the Leicestershire County Council Mineral & Waste local plan, the proposal compromises five other equally weighted objectives. The proposal supports the need to maximise recycling and recovery of waste value in Leicestershire. However, this satisfied objective is meant to manage waste generated within Leicestershire – not as per this proposed venture which sees Beauparc benefit commercially from national and EU waste on a site that is not fit-for-purpose.

The Mineral & Waste plan set out by the council in September 2019 sets objectives to manage waste in local, sustainable locations, in order to minimise the environmental impact of road transportation. It aims to reduce the impact of waste upon climate change and protect the local communities and natural environment from the unacceptable impact of waste management. This proposal will see waste transported long distances by road to this rural and compromised site and wholly goes against these objectives.

Concerned residents of Shawell, a historic rural village with the closest inhabitants living just 450m from the planned site, say that this is not an acceptable location for such a facility and contravenes the strategies of Leicestershire County Council on many levels. The local community also feels it was underhand to push this planning application through during lockdown without carrying out a community consultation.
Howard Jones, Chairman of the Shawell Parish meeting, said: “It is very frustrating that there was no consultation with the community, and it was sprung on us while we were obeying the lockdown restrictions. It feels like they were trying to sneak it through while we were unable to oppose it.” Leicestershire County Council is due to make a decision on the planning application imminently. Local residents who have studied the application in detail, warn of ‘Green Washing’ and inaccuracies which call into question the viability of this application. No Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) has been carried out by Beauparc, which environmental groups suggest should be done. Major high street retailers cited in the application as customers of Beauparc who would send waste to the facility have confirmed categorically that ‘they do not use Beauparc’ and instead operate ‘closed-loop in-house recycling systems’ more in line with current recycling policies.

The community hope that Leicestershire County Council will abide by the objectives they themselves have set out and make the decision to reject this planning application at such an unsuitable location.

Editor Notes:

  • Shawell is a village in south west Leicestershire between Rugby and Lutterworth with a population of approximately 170 people
  • The proposed facility is located near the Leicestershire / Warwickshire border, close to the villages of Shawell and Cotesbach, just 450m from the nearest residence and 700m from the village centre
  • Mixed waste will be delivered via HGVs, plastics will be separated and processed (involving heating plastics), then re-transported by HGVs
  • Operating 24/7 processing 150,000 tons/pa – previous facility in operation until 2016 was 50,000 tons/pa – so will be 3x more rubbish from the EU and all over the UK!
  • Plastic processing is new to the UK, local residents are concerned about the lack of information on emissions and health implications
  • The proposal contravenes the Leicestershire Mineral & Waste Local Plan as well as other planning policies
  • There will be significant environmental impacts on local communities that can not be controlled by mitigation or enforcement
  • Anyone wishing to object to Leicestershire County Council about this planning application needs to do so by 30th June quoting planning ref: 2020/CM/0045/LCC

Contacts: #HGVhavoc
Please contact for further details/ High Res.
Images: Natasha Raven:

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