HGV Havoc

‘DON’T DUMP ON US!’ Locals campaign against more HGV havoc on local roads
A proposed planning permission to change an abandoned recycling facility into a waste processing and plastic recovery plant between Lutterworth and Rugby will bring a huge increase in HGV traffic to already overwhelmed, heavily congested local roads. An EU-based conglomerate ‘Beauparc’ in partnership with ‘Tarmac’ are attempting to push through a planning application during lockdown to bring waste imported from the EU and all around the country to a compromised site on the edge of the historic rural village of Shawell. This will see huge 45-ton open-backed HGVs transporting 150,000 tons/PA of rubbish into the local area using roads such as A5, A426 and the infamous pinch-point of the Gibbet roundabout, which is already heavily dominated by HGVs from Magna Park, DIRFT, other local distribution centres, as well as thousands of commuters.

The proposed 300 extra vehicle movements (i.e in/out of the facility) means 600 trips by diesel polluting HGVs that will have to travel along Gibbet Lane, accessed off Gibbet roundabout, which is well known for its congestion, waiting times and the sheer volume of traffic it was never designed to take. Gibbet Lane is a very small, unassuming junction off this notorious roundabout which has to accommodate all the HGVs and local traffic, plus customers visiting a very busy petrol station. Currently, all parties compete heavily for the limited road space, often resulting in dangerous traffic build-ups, on what is already an over-crowded and hazardous roundabout, with many saying it is currently almost impossible to negotiate safely. An increase in HGVs caused by this proposal will exacerbate the problems massively!

Gibbet Lane itself is a narrow, rural access road for Shawell and surrounding local villages. It is already compromised and dangerous for local traffic, cyclists and walkers due to the frequency and size of HGVs already using the lane to access the Tarmac quarry and landfill plant.

Locals protest: “We are FULL and have had enough! We’ve lived for years with lorry, noise and litter pollution, plus flies and odour issues from the current landfill and a previous facility on the proposed site that was deemed non-viable due to environmental issues”. Howard Jones, Chairman of the Shawell Parish meeting, said: “It is very frustrating that there was no consultation with the community, and then it was sprung on us while we were obeying the lockdown restrictions. It feels like they were trying to sneak it through while we were unable to oppose it. I’m very impressed with the way the community has risen to meet this challenge. We don’t want to go back to the nightmare inflicted on us previously by that badly-managed company” (New Earth Solutions, now owned by Beauparc). The increased HGV traffic from this new plant will affect everyone in the local area, not only the increase in traffic – with inevitable delays, difficult driving conditions and potholes for both locals and commuters – but also, importantly, a detrimental effect on air quality. Anyone wishing to object to Leicestershire County Council about this planning application needs to do so by 30th June quoting planning ref: 2020/CM/0045/LCC.

Editor Notes:

  • Shawell is a village in south west Leicestershire between Rugby and Lutterworth with a population of approximately 170 people
  • The abandoned facility is located near the Leicestershire / Warwickshire border, close to the villages of Shawell and Cotesbach, just 450m from the nearest residence and 700m from the village centre
  • Mixed waste will be delivered by HGVs, plastics will be separated and processed (involving heating plastics), then re-transported back out around the UK by HGVs
  • Operating 24/7 processing 150,000 tons/pa – old facility in operation until 2016 was 50,000 tons/pa – so will be 3x more rubbish from the EU and all over the UK!
  • Plastic processing is new to the UK with local residents concerned about the lack of information on emissions and possible health implications
  • The proposal contravenes the Leicestershire Mineral & Waste Local Plan as well as other planning policies

Contacts: www.sustainableshawell.co.uk #HGVhavoc
Please contact for further details/ High Res images:
Natasha Raven: raven.natasha@gmail.com

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